Wear Hair For You LLC is a company offering a wide variety of high quality technology advanced natural looking human and synthetic wigs. We offer hair enhancements, hair extensions, wig care products and head wig topper products for men women and children.

Alopecia, Radiations, and Chemotherapy:

We specialize in addressing the needs of these clients. We are keenly aware that this may be a time of magnified stress and apprehensions and because of the sensitivity of the situation, we will provide natural looking hair solutions in a comforting and private environment. We assist patients in this transition by providing quality hair solutions to help with the recovery process.

Customized Wigs and Sizing:

We take cranial head measurements of all clients. We are proud to extend our services to customize wigs and sizing. We provide personal consultations when assisting our clients. We are committed to self image and well being.

In-Hospital Service:

We are pleased to offer this service for persons who are truly unable to visit our shop. We are trained in hospital patient visitation including neutropenic patients. Please call in advance to make arrangements for in hospital service. We bring the wig service to you. Local hospitals in area please.

Technology Advanced Human Hair wig, with scalp-like appearance.

We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to assisting you with all of your hair needs!